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Stay Connected with Loved Ones, Anywhere in the World. The PhotoShare Frame and App Make Sharing Memories a Snap!
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My fiancé and I purchased this as a gift for his family for Christmas and they absolutely love it. It is so easy to use and the whole family downloaded the app. for sharing. We had fun uploading pictures to the frame and were able to view and accept photos right away. I would definitely recommend this product.

Love it! - 2 years agoChristina E

The Simply Smart Photo Share Frame is truly a great product! This is an awesome way for several family members to share pictures with parents or grandparents. Easy set up and very easy to use. I love that we can all share photos to the same frame for my dad.

Wow! So Easy!!jenni27 4 months ago

I am a grandmother of 6 and this frame is my absolute favorite thing in my home!! I don’t get to see my babies as much as I’d like so my kids upload pictures of their events and I get to view them whenever I like! It really makes a difference and makes me not feel like I am constantly missing out. It is very user friendly as well!

Love getting pics of my family!!

I ended up purchasing 2 more for family. We have all been sharing photos of our crafts since we haven’t been able to get out much. The quality of the photos is excellent and the use of the app has been very easy for us. Love that we can share memories with each other this way instead of our phones.

We love this!Keho 5 months ago

I really love this PhotoShare frame, its so easy to use, has very clear pictures and is Great quality. I also love the fact I can send pictures of my family from my camera to it and see my family especially since we have the stay at home from Covid. It would make a great gift to anyone who loves to make pictures, I just love it!

Great Product!ABGregory55 5 months ago

PhotoShare Friends and Family Smart Frame is such a cool product. We share photos to our daughter that is out of state. We email the photos to the frame email address and she instantly has the photos we shared with her. We enjoy that we can share our live with her even though she is far from us.

Love It!Veronica74·5 months ago

I love this frame. It was incredibly easy to set up and to add pics. The best part is being able to receive pics from friends and family. It has been so nice being able to feel connected with my loved ones.

I love it!Mich 5 months ago

This frame has been the center of our fun since we received it last week. It was so easy to hook up to our WiFi and to transfer our photos from our phone. Friends and family are learning how to send us pictures and it has excited them so much they are purchasing a frame themselves soon. It certainly has given Us all something to do and has added some fun to our quarantine all the way around! Love to look at it each day. So many smiles.

Lots of Fun!!Cindy2 5 months ago

I received this product and immediately set it up to my wifi . Love the idea my family can put pictures from anywhere !! Beautiful frame to accent all my memory pictures. Will definitely be recommending this product to everyone !! Very easy to set up and get started.

Loving memoriesDee68 5 months ago

Photoshare Features

HD Touchscreen Display

One-minute setup

Free App

3 Frame Styles in One

Google Photos

1 Year Warranty

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No matter which brand you love, you’ll be able to stay connected with loved ones, anywhere in the world!

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Send Photos from Your Phone to Frames in Seconds

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