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Does it require internet?

Yes, PhotoShare Frames need to be online in order to receive new photos.  However, photos can also be uploaded manually via SD card or USB thumb drive if you prefer.

Who can send photos?

Frame owners can share their Frame ID or email address with all their family and friends. There is no limit!

How many photos will it hold?

PhotoShare Frames have 8GB of storage and hold 5,000+ photos

Are there fees or subscriptions?

No! There are no fees or subscriptions to use or send photos to PhotoShare Frames. Even the PhotoShare Frame app is free.

How is it powered?

PhotoShare Frames need to be plugged in to use and enjoy. Each frame comes with an A/C power adapter and there is a USB port if you prefer to use a USB cord.

What is the screen resolution?

Our 8 & 10.1 inch frames have a resolution of 720p and 14 inch frames have a resolution of 1080p for brilliant photo quality.

Be connected, even when apart

Easy setup

No subscription fees

Create your own social network

HD Touchscreeen
1 Year Warranty
USB and SD Ports
8GB of Internal Memory
Music & Video
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