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Troubleshooting “Out of Bluetooth Range” Issues

Even when standing right next to a ClicSmart device, you may encounter an issue where it’s showing as “Out of Bluetooth Range.” This could be due to various factors such as interference or connectivity issues. Below are the steps you can follow to re-establish the connection:

  1. Close all applications running in the background of your smartphone. This helps to minimize any interference that might be occurring.
  2. Turn off your phone’s Wi-Fi. Then, turn Bluetooth off and back on to refresh the connection.
  3. Launch the ClicSmart application on your phone, and then try pairing your ClicSmart device with the ClicSmart app again.
  4. If the pairing issue persists, restart your smartphone, and remove the batteries from the ClicSmart device. Once your phone is turned on again, reinsert the batteries into your ClicSmart device and try to pair the devices again.

If you’re still encountering issues, make sure to provide the type and model of your phone (iOS or Android), as well as the model number on the back of your ClicSmart device when reaching out to support.

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