1. SSH Team

    Hi Sarah, We do sell frames on Amazon and you are welcome to purchase from us there if you prefer. Just note that we are running some promotions here that are exclusive and not available on Amazon! As for the review, it's possible there was some user error. We are always available to help with any difficulties or issues if you need it.
  2. Sarah

    I saw this product on Amazon. Is it the same product? I saw a review on Amazon saying the pictures couldn’t be shuffled but on here it says they can. Just wondering if you sell these frames through Amazon as well. Not sure where is better to order from.
  3. SSH Team

    Hi Bill, Thanks for reaching out! The size listed is the screen size (measured diagonally). So - 8", 10.1" and 14" are the options.
  4. Bill

    What is the actual screen size, measured diagonally, of each of the 3 frame sizes?
  5. SSH Team

    Hi James, You certainly can! That's the best part - sending photos from phone to frame 🙂
  6. SSH Team

    Hi Kittie! Thanks for reaching out. Yes, the frame will need to be connected to the new WiFi since it will no longer be within range of yours. When it is plugged in at the new location, the frame will show a pop-up to connect to WiFi and she will just have to select the correct WiFi name and enter the password. It's quite easy 🙂
  7. SSH Team

    Hi Christina! To view the photos outside the slideshow, a user can go to the frame's Home screen and tap “Frame Photos” and select “Date Sort”. If multiple senders shared photos around the same time, the user can also select a specific sender to filter down as well.
  8. James Brennan

    When the frame is connected to my home wi-fi, can I send photos from my Photos library on my iPhone 8 to the frame?
  9. SSH Team

    Hi Lana, Thanks for your question! Yes!! The frame owner can share their frame ID or email address with as many friends and family members as they like. There is no limit 🙂
  10. SSH Team

    Hi Brianna, The 8" model without the wood frame on it measures 206.5x145x23mm. The screen itself is measured diagonally, like a TV, and so the display is 8". Hope this helps!
  11. SSH Team

    Hi Sue, Thanks for reaching out! The PhotoShare Frame app is required during initial set up of a PhotoShare Frame. The setup process ensures each frame is assigned a unique Frame ID and email address that you can use and share with others to send photos to your frame. We recommend that each frame be set up with the owner's email address so they can control their frame. Please also note, the app is not required to send photos to PhotoShare frames. Users can choose to send photos via email or PhotoShareFrame.com if they prefer.
  12. Gretchen

    Our brother gave one to each household in the family last Christmas and we all have the app. Sending pics to each other's frames is easy and is such an awesome way to see our loved ones from across the country.
  13. Kittie

    I bought this for my mom, who is far away. I would like to set it up for her at my house. When she gets it at her house will she have to and be able to change the wifi to hers? Easily
  14. Sue

    Do you need to load the app to set up and send pictures? Is setting up an account with an email and creating a PhotoShare account required? I purchased for each of my 3 children and if I have to set up accounts with my email all will be my email. And would that even work with multiple accounts to 1 email?
  15. Brianna

    Hello- what are the outer dimensions of the 8 inch option without the frame? Thank you!
  16. Lana

    Can more than one person/family send pictures?
  17. Christina Guerra

    Hello! My only question is if I send a new photo and they are at work and they get home and they want to see the new photo but don’t want to wait thru the slideshow to see it how can they view it faster?
  18. SSH Team

    Hi Kat, Thanks for submitting your question! No, we DO NOT claim rights to any photos and will not store or use them.
  19. SSH Team

    Hi Scott, Thanks for reaching out! Our PhotoShare frames require a 2.4ghz Wifi source.
  20. Scott

    Will it work with 5G WiFi?
  21. Kat

    Rights and permissions. Does simply smart home and company have the rights to the photos I upload to the frame? Is the company able use my photos?
  22. Lauren

    Bought 2 of these frames for Christmas last year, and both sets of grandparents love seeing new pictures of their grandchildren everyday! It’s super easy to download the app & send pictures to the different frames.
  23. Amanda

    This was a great gift for my Nana who lives far away. She gets to see her great granddaughter doing so many things through pictures. It was easy to teach her how to use it!
  24. Cayla

    The frame is fantastic! Super easy to set up and use, and we love that we can share memories with grandparents and loved ones who don’t live close enough to experience them with us.
  25. SSH Team

    Hi Isabelle Thanks for your question! 8" & 10.1" frames are 720p and 14" frames are 1080p. They all have a crisp, clear look 🙂
  26. Wendy

    It truly was the gift of the year I bought for everyone (15) - family living out of state and grandparents were def very happy.
  27. Isabelle

    What is the screen resolution?
  28. SSH Team

    Hi Steph, Thanks for reaching out! Yes, there are both SD and USB slots on the back of the frame so files can be uploaded or transferred. And yes, photos can be deleted from the frame using the touchscreen, individually or in bulk if needed. Hope this helps!!
  29. Steph

    Can photos others send to the frame be transfered to another device via cable or a flash drive to allow space for new photos? Can photos be deleted directly from the frame using the touchscreen? Thank you!
  30. SSH Team

    Hi Meranda! Yes, the frame needs to be online to receive photos sent by phone. However, there are SD and USB ports if you wish to upload photos manually.
  31. Meranda

    I want to buy this for my grandparents but they do not have internet. Does the frame require internet access to recieve the photos?
  32. SSH Team

    Hi Cyndi, Thanks for your review! Our Support team is reaching out to help you with those issues so you can enjoy your frame to it's full potential 🙂
  33. SSH Team

    Hi Beth! The 10" without the wood frame (just the touchscreen display) measures 10.1" across by 7" tall. The 14" without the wood frame (just the touchscreen display) measures 14.1" across by 9" tall. Also, just want to note, the screen size itself is measured on a diagonal, like TV screens or computer monitors. And just for total clarity here - every PhotoShare frame can be frameless! We designed them so the wood frame comes off. That way, you can change the matte (white or black included) to match your home décor, or you can remove it all and have a more modern tech look 🙂
  34. Debbie

    Bought this initially for my Mom and my brothers and sisters also bought one for their own use. She loves when pictures just show up without her needing to log in or do anything else. Very easy to use and pictures look great.
  35. Beth

    What are the demensions of the frameless 10” and 14”?
  36. Cyndi

    I’m not impressed at this point! It SAYS it holds 8000 photos; however, lately, it will NOT accept ANY new photos!!!!! It also won’t go into “sleep mode…” it just stays on, ALL night long 😳
  37. John

    I bought this for my mom who I don't get to see very often. It's a great way to keep both her and my dad "in the loop" with the fun, family pictures that we send all the time. We don't always wait for a special picture, we just snap a photo from wherever we are, whatever we're doing, and send it to her frame. She LOVES this. My dad does too. It's a quick reminder that we are thinking of them, and that their grand kids love them!
  38. Greenbrook

    We bought the frame for my dad's 85th birthday. He absolutely LOVES it! Everyone in the family can send him photos from their phones through the app which is super easy to use. He's delighted to see pictures of his grandkids everyday! So glad I found you Simply Smart Home!
  39. Emily

    I love this frame! The picture quality is awesome and it even plays video with sound! I customized mine by switching out the matte to the white one so it looks good in my living room. The app makes it so easy to update my frame with the latest pics too so I'm always adding more. My friends have frames too so we share pics back and forth since we don't see each other often. It's just so much fun!!
  40. SSH Team

    Hi, Jim. Thank you for your honest review, and sorry to hear you are having trouble with your frame! Our Support team reached out with some info to help you with the USB transfer and a copy of our Quick Start Guide. If you need anything else, please let us know. We are happy to help!
  41. Katie

    Got this as a gift for my mom for Mothers Day and she loves it. It's a fun way for my sisters and I to surprise her with new photos every day, especially when they are of the grandkids! Easy to set up and the whole family can send photos to her. A picture is truly worth a thousand words!
  42. Shelley

    All I can say is Thank You !! You have been one of the best customer services I have ever worked with. And I love this product.. As a Mother/Grandmother who lives 4 hours away from my kids... it is so much fun to glance over and see new pictures from my family. Thanks again I am up and running with new photos.
  43. Jim

    No instructions. Can't transfer pictures via USB.
  44. Andrea

    This was a gift for my birthday and it was perfect. I can add new photos I take directly from my phone. It’s so easy even this old grandmother can do it. I can literally sit and watch as my memories scroll by and add new ones immediately.
  45. Emma

    I bought one for my parents for Christmas. I loved it so much, I wanted to get one for myself but it's sold out now. Everyone enjoys looking at the pictures. It's very easy to use and navigate through. It's like a Screensaver of pictures. You can email the pictures to thr frame or use the app. Definitely recommend if it ever gets back in stock!
  46. CARA

    Bought one for my wife for Christmas, we liked it so much and was so easy to use, that I bought a second one for my mom for her birthday. Instead of pictures stuck on our phone, we can now share them to the frame and visitors can see them when they come over. Very happy with it. Bought both online and did pick up from store without having to go in and fight crowds.
  47. Happy Shopper

    Simple to use. Setup was simple, sending pics was just as easy for myself and others. Beautiful clear screen shows pictures nice and bright and clear. I'm very pleased and the recipient of the other frame is also enjoying hers! Have already recommended to others as I have it at work and have had lots of comments on how nice it is.
  48. dgogarty5673

    We got one of these from our daughter for Christmas so she could easily share photos of her family and our grandson without having to post on a public site. We are so delighted with this and so impressed, that I purchased one for my mother so all of my 5 siblings can send her private family photos throughout the year for her enjoyment. Highly recommend!
  49. Bestgift

    This was a Xmas gift for my mom & she loves it!! Now she can stay a lil more connected with family & see the great grand babies. This pandemic is hard but getting new pictures make her so happy & it is so easy for family to send anytime. I highly recommend this item.
  50. Debra

    Love this frame. Can send pics from your phone right to it. Others friends can also if you set it up for them. Great for Grandparents who aren’t tech savvy. You can send pics for them to their frame. Update whenever they want. I did have a little internet glitch with mine but just emailed them and they told me what to do. Love it
  51. Wayne

    First review I ever written. The good thing about digital photography is its cheap and easy, the bad is that pictures get lost and never see the light of day. With this frame you just email the pictures as you take them to the frame and like magic they show up. Its the third picture frame we have had and by far the best.
  52. Mountaingirl

    This frame is a great way to get those pictures out of hiding in your phone, tablet or laptop. It was fairly easy to set up. The Photoshare app is easy to use and makes the transfer of pictures really quick. I like it so much that I gave 3 as gifts this year.
  53. celia

    so far so good! glad I basically ignored the reviews that said this didn't work! I imagine they were not very technical savvy? I am gifting the frame to a non tech savvy person so I opened it and updated it and did all the steps so she won't have to. I can jump on the phone with her and talk her through connecting to her wifi. While I was working through the frame and checking it out I knew I made a great purchase for someone not on social media. so far 100% recommend.
  54. Vanessa

    I bought this for my boss and his wife, they are hard to shop for because they do have everything but they 6 kids that live in different states and even out of the country! They dont all do Facebook/Instagram so it was nice to be able to have them use this to share pictures. My boss cried a bit. The picture quality is amazing and its so easy to use! He loves getting the pictures his kids send unexpectedly! Definitely recommend for that hard to shop for person!
  55. sherbent

    This is a great gift! Got it for my mother in law who is 89 years old. She is not technical at all, but we hung it on the wall in her room and gave all the grandkids the link to send her pictures. She is so excited to see all their pictures as they send her new ones randomly. Great way to stay in touch!
  56. Framefan

    This frame is easy to set up, easy to use, and it’s been a fun way for our family to share photos. Once you’ve downloaded the app, all you have to do is touch a photo, touch the frame you’d like to send it to, and poof! Your photo is displayed in the frame. If you help someone set up the frame (maybe grandma/grandpa) they will never have to touch it and can receive new photos. You can also share photos without the app, by using the provided email address for the frame. The frame has an option to set up a time to turn it off and on each day. It can play videos and has sound for them, too. The display is clear and you can adjust the brightness to your liking. It’s fun to keep it in slideshow mode so that the photos display for 10 seconds and move on. You can set it to show only one photo, if you wish. All in all, this is a great way to get those photos out of your phone and into your living room to enjoy! It was a hit Christmas gift to connect members of my family from all over the county. We love it!
  57. MCoop

    A gift for mom. She loves it. We setup and loaded with pictures and videos before mailing to her, and we can EASILY add pictures from 500 miles away!! I love everything about the frame, but note you have to manually select videos to view....unless I just didn't figure out that function. Pictures display on a loop, but during the setup we never figured out how videos would display in that loop. So could be our user-error. Nonethless, the frame is fantastic. Three friends have it as well, which is what prompted us to buy. We love it and mom loves immediately seeing new pics of the grands and great-grands! Worth every penny!
  58. vevajv

    Easy setup , set it where I can see it and they can send me photos to show me the most beautiful pictures of my new great granddaughter and her little accomplishments . And with the SD cards I can see all the pictures I have taken over the years of my grand children and the thousands of other photos I have taken . It was given to me as a Christmas gift this past Christmas and my great granddaughter was born in April. I love the email part that they can send me pictures daily. A great gift.
  59. David R

    I just bought this frame today to display photos of my new grandson and have put it through some of its paces. As a whole setup was not overly hard, though since it involves coordinating the frame with an app (Android in my case) some people might find setup irksome. It is possible to provide extra storage with an SD card or memory stick. However, it would seem that photos on the extra external memory can not automatically go into the screen rotation, which is a bit disappointing--maybe I am wrong about this. I successfully loaded photos from Google Photos, email or my tablet (via the app) and have had no need to link my computer directly to the frame. One slightly annoying thing is that, when a photo is transferred to the frame, a little message appears that does not seem to just go away. Unless I am wrong, there does not seem to be a way to randomize the order of a slideshow. The image quality is good. There are some other little bells and whistles that I do not really care about, e.g. showing videos or displaying the weather. As a whole this is a good deal at BJ's price, and I am considering buying another frame to give to the other set of grandparents.
  60. Mir

    My 75 year old mother in law doesn't text so she never sees the pictures we take on our phones of our daughter unless we come over and specifically sit down and scroll through the hundres of pictures we took. She ABSOLUTELY LOVES this gift. She can switch from scrolling photos to videos. She can see all the digital buttons. And best of all, she said the pictures are easier to see than on our phone! She feels more connected with us. It is a perfect gift for those who don't use smartphones or laptops! Set up took a little bit of grasping the google account set up knowledge but I created an email account for her and set it right up. If purchasing for an elderly relative, either deliver to you and set it up or google the tutorial online and create the account before it arrives to your loved one. You will have to walk them through the "accept" step in order for their frame to reveive your pictures so be sure they can handle this task over the phone with you. Otherwise ship to yourself, then set up and ship to them. TRUST ME. It would be worth it to have it set up for them if they are not technologically capable.
  61. MRZB1

    I received my photo share frame for Christmas and I love it. The kids put all sorts of pictures on it and showed me how to add more. I loved it so much, that I bought 2 more. One for each of my children and their families. I want to surprise them with lots of pictures on them. They are very easy to set up. Loved that too.
  62. Lauren

    I love keeping in touch with family and friends via pictures- exp since one of my kids lives far!! This product allows us to do that! The picture quality is fabulous!! So much better than a cell phone. And I can choose which pictures to keep in my "album" and which to discard. Once set up- it's easy to manage! So I have a great photo album to store memories -always at my fingertips!! I keep the frame on my counter so I enjoy it every day!!