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  56. Amy

    My daughters gave it to my mother for Christmas. They enjoyed sending photos and video. The frame got an error and will not come back.
  57. Anna Dettmer

    I bought this and I love it. I set it up and it is cool to see the pictures. However, I bought two more for my kids and there's do not work properly. They are very disappointed. It keeps skipping and my daughter needed help setting it up because it was giving her trouble
  58. Lisa

    When family members send photos to my frame, it brights my day! 🙂
  59. Paul Pegnato

    I bought 3 frames as gifts and none of them work. Not one of the people I gave a frame to could get the frame to access their network. I tried myself and the frame error message said it couldn't see the network. The router was only 20 feet away. I called tech support. The agent told me the frame only work with 2.4G. I told him I had 2.4G and 5G. I can see the signals on my Wifi analyzer. His response was to call my internet provider and tell them to split the 2.4G and 5G signals. Sorry that doesn't make sense. The router broadcasts the Wifi signal not the internet provider. I explained that based on my experience his guidance was confusing, that the 2.4G signal was there and the frame should access it. He had no further explanation and basically said goodby. I saw this was a common problem on Amazon reviews. I guess I should learn to pay attention to reviews. The 3 frames are going back.
  60. rsbarber055

    Please have customer support contact me before my (90) days are up.
  61. porkrules

    After many unsuccessful attempts I was able to get the app to connect to the frame once. Now it says I don't have a frame, but when I try to add the frame again, it says it already exists. So frustrating. I called customer service and was told the tech team would get back to me. 24 hours later and I'm still waiting. So I can't add pictures or invite anyone else to.
  62. DeGroot&Olson

    Says to enter frame id which is displayed on one of the things first screens after connecting to wifi, go to the app and enter the frame id into the dumb app they make you download and every time it says frame id incorrect. What a joke! I'm looking at the fucking thing displayed on the screen and entering it on my phone. Here is my order number simply dumb MSSH-2651921954
  63. gjpow56

    I have been trying to set my frame up with the app, but it does not accept the frame ID, so I cannot get pictures loaded.
  64. sfburwell

    The Easy 1 Minute Set Up for the PhotoShare Frame is not easy! When I enter the Frame ID in the PhotoShare app, it tells me the PhotoShare Frame ID does not exist. I am copying the exact Frame ID that shows on the frame itself. Customer Support is not reachable by phone, only through an email. If I don't get an answer quickly, I will be returning this product.
  65. rodramos1016

    I have 2 frames Id I’ve rebooted and restarted and the app tells me the Id doesn’t exist
  66. tigger32

    At first, we loved our new frame. We had people sending photos and videos from other states as well as a foreign country. But suddenly the frame, though connected to our wifi, would not receive media any longer. Nothing about our network changed, except perhaps updates to the router software. Every other internet-capable device in the house works fine. So beware, your frame may stop working, and those at customer support may just say, "too bad," and your are out of luck. Support was very slow to respond and could not resolve the issue. The frame is useless now and less than a year old.
  67. Kerry

    You register your product, download the app, connect to the WiFi and it's supposed to work. I did all that. When you get to the part on the app to "Add Frame" so you can send pictures to it, it doesn't recognize the frame ID number.
  68. Cathy Heifrin

    Wouldn’t know I ordered this 5 weeks ago and still don’t have it
  69. jackalgel

    I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. It didn't work well from the start. We should have returned it to the store but already had photos loaded onto it. Now I wish we had. Customer Service is about the worst I've ever experienced. Our initial problem was that the frame would only load one photo at a time, if at all. Sometimes it worked, sometimes it didn't. CS offered solutions that never worked and finally quit responding to me. We seemed to get it going on our own but would then occasionally have a 'disconnected from wifi' message pop up (seems to be a common problem with this product). That started happening more and more often until finally it was always on the screen. There is not a phone number to call, you have to wait for email response. They've pretty much washed their hands of us and said the product is old. Really? It's not even two years old...None of the solutions worked. It's an AWFUL product. I've asked friends who have digital photo frames and they love theirs, and not one is from Simply Smart. They've lost a customer and I will leave a bad review wherever I can.
  70. Jay Jackson

    I liked it until it quit getting the photos that I or others are sending. Very frustrating and barely any if the memory space is being used. Not impressed.
  71. Janet Milford

    It takes multiple times to get a picture sent to this frame. Very disappointing and also the clock can't keep the correct time.
  72. Cheryl

    My sister gave me mine as a gift and it is so easy to use. I love loading new pictures of my grandkids and great grandkids!
  73. William Borgstrom

    Don't waste your time with this piece of junk. We have had 3 computer savvy people try to set it up with no luck. We tried everything tech told us to do and still no luck. WE WANT OUR MONEY BACK
  74. Don’t waste your money on this frame. You’ll be very disappointed.Pat

    I bought one of these frames for my mom so that she could get pictures of her grandkids and great grandkids on a regular basis. But after only a couple of years the app that was supposed to like enable me to put more pictures on has gone into a mode of supposedly updating. Whenever I try to update I get nothing but it’s in process. This is very frustrating and I wish that I had spent my money on another frame where I could actually get some support. Don’t waste your money on this frame. You’ll be very disappointed
  75. Carol

    Excellent gift, we received ours from my daughter. Our grandkids send photos right from their wonderful way to keep in touch.
  76. Rock

    Order the 1st one didn't work when it finally got to the point where it gave the frame id enter it said wrong id 3 different people tried to get it to work each one said the one before was doing it wrong got hold of simply smart home the Sent a replacement and a call tag for the defective one got the replacement you guess it exact same problem
  77. Carol

    It's terrible, have lots of storage left on it but can't send pics to it. Says it needs to be renewed. Contacted support team and still not fixed. Don't waste your money on this!!!!!!!
  78. Karen

    Pictures are always changing and such a pleasure to see!
  79. Justine Bai

    I have purchased these frames for myself and 4 other family households. It takes seconds to send pictures to each other, we have so much fun all updating each others frames. (you can run your frame to only see your own photos when you want) Night time mode it great, lights go out, frame goes dark. The sound is cool for short videos, (you can turn the sound off) We just love these frames. I was back here today to purchase another one. Would love a 14 inch, when will they be available again??
  80. dbblatn32

    It was a great product when I received it as a gift for Christmas everyone sent me pictures I loved it then I put it away because we were getting some work done on my floors. When done I took it back out and it did not work none of my pictures would come up. I called and William P tried to help me. I received a message telling me to send the malfuinctioning device with my case #220627-SM0070. Ishipped it out today via UPSTracking number: 1Z3Y4480304663862 Elctronic Picture frame it should arrive on July 11 2022 Pack and ship guarantee. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me Barbara Blatnick via email or phone.
  81. Tammie

    I keep the frame beside my chair. I love seeing the family pictures! I'm not sure if there's a "limit" to how many photos can be uploaded since I'm having trouble loading 2 extra photos.

  83. Darla

    Have had this frame fir several years and have loved it. All of a sudden it will not upload photos from the app or the website. Please fix the problem.....
  84. Brian Ludwig

    Does not work any more, says it has "Expired", can no longer put pictures on.
  85. Phil Gagnet

    Great product - have a technical issue - 251-214-4557 Phil Thanks in advance
  86. Brian Ludwig

    It says our frame is "Expired! not really sure what that means, but it won't let us do anything to the frame, can't add new pictures....Not happy.
  87. Jim C

    I cannot add photos to the frame since it says the frame has expired and must be renewed. There does not appear to be a way to renew it, and there is way to backup photos to get them back from the frame. They advertise it as free to use but don't tell you it expires
  88. Jana Pine

    wonderful frame. I set it next to the refrigerator, I look at it all the time, my daughter and kids can surprise me with new pictures whenever they have them
  89. Timothy Magliochetti

    The frame worked great until our Internet provider forced us to upgrade to a 5ghz network. Now Our frame won’t connect to the WiFi and we are unable to get any support from this company. Buyer beware. Absolute zero customer service awareness once they’ve got your money.
  90. Diane Hartsell

    As a grandparent, I love this frame! But I have not been able to send any pictures for two months. I get a message that says I must renew my photo frame service, but it says “this feature is under development”. Very frustrating!
  91. Connie Vella

    This frame has stopped working as of 12/19/2021. Our 4 children gave us this frame two years as a present so they could send pictures of our 7 grandchildren to us. My son was the last one to be able to send us pictures on 12/15/2021. Our daughter tried to send 4 days later and it said it had to be renewed. I emailed to see what I had to do and I didn’t even get a response. I then called and was told they are working on the problem. It has been 4 months and still can’t send pictures. Seems like it was only good for two years so wanted people to k ow it will probably happen to them.
  92. Craig

    We got this for my Mom so we could easily send her pics from our phones....and it works great! Only question is can we add a sleep timer or something so it shuts off at night?
  93. Ronald

    Seems to be a common problem keep getting a message frame service expired and can not renew. I can't find customer service from company either
  94. Jane

    I liked it before I was quarantined in the hospital with covid. But it was so comforting when I couldn’t see family or friends.
  95. Cathy

    It was the best gift ever. Now I get a message saying my subscription has expired. Link takes you to non existent page. I have filled out the form asking for help. NO RESPONSE
  96. J

    We loved this product. Two months ago it told each of us we had to renew . When we click on the renew button it says “ under development”. This has been going on for months, very disappointing
  97. Dawn Beuglet

    Was on the box it says can download them from your Wi-Fi immediately. Now I have to set up an email and send only four pictures at a time do you know how long that would take!!!! It says it can store up to 5000 pictures
  98. Charlotte Smith

    I have had a lot of trouble.
  99. Tyler Ball

    Thank you for the feedback, Susan! It looks like you reached out to our customer service team and we managed to get the service restored to your frame on 1/10/22. You are correct, it is never our intention to charge you for our cloud service. We are happy we could get your PhotoShare Frame up and running again and we are always here to help! -Simply Smart Home
  100. Tyler Ball

    Thank you for the feedback, Ms. Banks! We definitely have a fix for this issue and would love to make sure service is restored to your PhotoShare Frame. Please provide us with your ticket number from our support and we will look into this and make sure you get taken care of right away! -SSH Support.
  101. Tyler Ball

    Thank you for the feedback, Ms. Collins! It looks like we shipped out a replacement frame to you on 2/24/22 that was delivered on 3/3/22. We hope all is well with the replacement and you can continue to receive photos and memories for years to come! -Simply Smart Home
  102. Arlene Kron

    I have a problem with my Frameo going off line. I changed its' location from a windowsill to another site where it was not subjected to heat and cold. It was fine for a while and now I have the same problem and am not able to receive photos. My internet provider can not help. Do you think it is a software problem? How can I solve this? I do really enjoy my Frameo but this is a problem
  103. gailbeck10

    I love being able to see all my photos and how easy it is to load them on the frame. I had some issues with distortion and cropping but your support team was very helpful and answered all my questions and showed me how to correct the problem. Thanks for such great service.
  104. Kristine

    Great gift, love this frame. When our children and grandchildren are traveling, we immediately receive photos that they download to our frame. Easy to set up and load photos.
  105. MaryElla Banks

    Loved this frame until it started giving the message about Service Renewal. Sends you to a page that says it is under development. Very disappointed as we have not been able to upload photos in months. Sent emails and never got a response.
  106. Gail Van Valkenburg

    I love my frame. My son and my three daughters are constantly sharing precious pictures of theirselves as well as pictures of my grandchildren.
  107. SSH Team

    Hi David, Thanks for reaching out! Our Support team can assist you with the issue. They are available 24/7 at 1-888-673-9033.
  108. Ruth Collins

    I received this frame as a Christmas gift and a year later it stopped working. I contacted customer service and they said it would be fixed remotely. Well after they said it was fixed it wouldn’t work at all. I contacted them and they said they would “escalate” it to their IT people or whatever. Well it’s been 9 days and NOTHING! So much for customer service these days!
  109. David Szabo

    Can't get music to play!!!
  110. Denise

    Message said frame cloud storage has expired. Got email from rep who said its their problem and they will have me up and running soon but I'm still not working and I can't get a response to my follow-up emails
  111. SSH Team

    Hi Evan, Thanks for your review! Yes, we've been working on improvements for all our frames. An update that will allow older frames to shuffle is in the works - stay tuned!
  112. Evan

    It’s a great frame, although it seems the older models don’t have a shuffle mode. Is there an update to fix this or will the older models never be able to shuffle the photos?
  113. Danielle Dixon

    This frame has been amazing for going on two years….. until this weird thing happened. Now I have a notice that says cloud photo frame service has expired. Renew in order to keep using. I don’t understand
  114. Mary klaver

    It has no battery back up
  115. SSH Team

    Hi Martha, Thanks for your review! It does sound like a Scale issue, but hard to know without a few more details. Our Support team would be happy to look into it with you. They can be reached 24/7 at 1-888-673-9033.
  116. SSH Team

    Hi Wilma, Thanks for your review! We are so glad your family is enjoying their PhotoShare frames. We'd love to help you with the cropping issue as well. It could be a scale setting problem. While in slideshow mode, tap the Scale button until you get the desired look for your photos. If that doesn't resolve it for you, feel free to contact our Support team and they can look into it further.
  117. Martha Beck

    I really like how easy it is to load pictures on the frame. But I have a couple of problems. The first is that some pictures have the heads cut off even though the original picture does not. I used the scale feature and it corrected it initially, but as soon as the slideshow started playing, the heads were cut off again. How can this be corrected permanently? Also, some of the pictures are now distorted when they were not when I first put them on the frame. How can this be corrected?
  118. Vuaq

    Such a great gift for my husband. Easy to load photos from our phones. Can't wait to use it when our baby arrives, so he can get updates while he is at work!
  119. dandlhedden

    My daughter and her husband bought this for me for Christmas and I love it. Keeps me close to my granddaughter.
  120. Jerry

    Beware, this is a great product for the first year. After that it wants you to renew, but there's nothing to renew. CS is a joke. Don't waste your money!
  121. Jeannie Phillips

    This is a terrible product, won’t let load my photos into it. Says I need a renewal on my photo frame & when I click on renewal, says they are working on it. I have Tried multiple times to their support department & they just say they are working on it.
  122. Wilma J. K.

    There are four of us in the family that each have frames, and tho it took a little time to get them set up with everyone’s frame ID numbers and approval process, we got them all going. We’ve all been taking out our old photographs and taking digital pictures of them to be able to share. The one thing I’m disappointed with is that my square photographs are being cropped top and bottom. I would like them to be able to center on the screen, Like vertical photos do, with space on either side. I take a lot of photos in square format, so many of my photos get cut off top and bottom. Can this be adjusted? Or can the frame’s firmware be updated? Thank you!
  123. John

    We received this for Christmas from our daughter on the opposite Coast, they can easily update pictures on the frame as well as we can. We’ll purchase another for our other daughters!
  124. bobhartfield

    DO NOT BUY THIS FRAME! THERE ARE OTHERS ON THE MARKET THAT WORK BETTER AND HAVE GOOD SUPPORT. It worked great for a while. Then the picTures started loading upside down. Initially I got great support and it was fixed. Recently the frame stopped accepting photos entirely. . The memory storage is only 50% full. I opened a support case. You asked me a question. Then in one day you closed the support case and since then I can't get a response. It's like you closed shop.
  125. Rhonda Brunson

    Mine was a gift. but now my photos fail to share. Cannot find and troubleshooting to help
  126. SSH Team

    Hi Paula, We'd be happy to help you! Check out our How To Videos & Guides -
  127. Paula

    got this as a gift. It is very hard to use. Instructions do not help they do not explain things.
  128. Cheryl

    Bought two as gifts - one was defective - wouldn’t turn on. Very poor product support
  129. SSH Team

    Hi Larry, Thanks for your question! The frame can connect to open networks if you like.
  130. Theresa Satterfield

    I was so excited to receive my PhotoFrame for Christmas this year! Easy to setup and use! Now everytime I miss my Grandchildren and can’t get down to see them I have my PhotoFrame videos that are the next best thing! Thank you to my Son & DIL for this wonderful gift❤️
  131. Anna

    I bought this frame in the 14" size black Friday 2021 with the intention of giving it to my mother for Christmas. She opened it up and had everything set up, loaded pictures, but the screen looks like there is an upside down image burned into it, she only used it a few hours, definitely not long enough to do any screen damage of that type. We both have tried contacting customer service and zero response. Would like to replace the frame if at all possible, but it looks like the 14" size is no longer available.
  132. SSH Team

    Hi Lucas, Thanks for your review and feedback! Photos are sent to the frame in the format they were taken in, so it is best to adjust the settings on the device/camera to the desired setting before taking and sending the photos to the frame. However, our tech will "read" the image and display it on the frame so it appears as crisp and clear as possible. Alternatively, you can scale the photo(s) on the frame by doing the following: 1. While in “Slideshow” mode, tap the photo you wish to size/scale 2. Tap “Scale” to change the photo scaling to the scale option you like best Also note! Our developers are working on an app update that will allow you to crop images before sending to the frame. Stay tuned!
  133. SSH Team

    Hi Jeffrey, Thanks for reaching out! If you navigate to the frame's home screen and tap on Settings, in the left column, click on Storage. Here you can see how much space is still available.
  134. John

    The product got so hot that it essentially self destructed and ruined itself for any further use. The screen was burned and the internal electronics are fried. This happened less than 48 hours of its first use. I got this frame to see how they worked compared to their competitor Nix-play, and the fact that anybody could prefer this product over Nix-play is incredible. The construction and user interface is far superior on Nix-play, they actually work, and they seem to have some form of quality assurance testing in their manufacturing. They even cost the same. Needless to say I have returned this dud product for my fourth Nix-play. It is a shame that this is for sale.
  135. Kristine rose

  136. Jeffrey

    My wife has been wanting something to be able to see her picture. They were always on someone else's phone. How can we tell how much room is left on the frame
  137. Donna Mullen

    All of my grandchildren live in different corners of the country and I was enjoying being able to keep their pictures. But about 3 weeks ago a message said my time was up and I could no longer add pictures without renewing….but renewal wasn’t available. I’m not even close to the thousands of pictures it’s able to hold after 3 years.
  138. Nancy Gwynn

    We we’re running out of wall space to display family pictures when we all sat for an album for Christmas. This lets me display all of them beautifully.
  139. Dawn

    I have a frame and like it very much so I decided to order my daughter one for Christmas. It doesn't work properly and we both reached out for help several times before someone responded. My daughter did everything they told her to do and it still doesn't work properly. After she told them it didn't work they quit messaging her and that was two days ago. There are no phone numbers to reach someone that I can find on the website.
  140. Mark Hinton

    We have enjoyed viewing pictures for 2 years. As of Dec 28 our frame stopped receiving pictures. I followed the online troubleshooting steps to no avail. I called the customer support line and they asked me the same redundant questions. When that didn't work she "escalated" to the support team. Guess what .... I got an email with the same redundant questions. So I typed my answers to each one and didn't receive a response. Two days later I went to the online support and sent a separate email adding my case number. I did get a prompt reply, BUT WITH THE SAME REDUNDANT QUESTIONS. All previous pictures were sent by email, so I downloaded the app. I sent a picture to our frame and two others. Those went through but ours did not. Hopefully someone will finally contact me who knows what they are doing.
  141. Lucas

    Super easy setup and straightforward to use! The auto-dim feature is a really nice touch and the screen quality is great for the price. My only complaint is you can’t adjust the crop so some photos get automatically adjusted rather than fit to screen. Usually it’s ok, but some just look weird. I’d also like to be able to remove photos through the app rather than just add them. Overall I really enjoy it
  142. Marlin Brown

    This is a great product. Easy to use, vivid screen and simple controls. I got mine as a Christmas present two years ago. It has a special spot in my living room. A week ago there was a glitch that prevented me from uploading pictures. I called their tech support during the busy holidays. THEY ANSWERED THE PHONE! And, they followed up with a fix quickly. They also kept me informed by email. This has to be the best customer service I have experienced.
  143. Susan

    Why does my frame now say that it is expired? I can no longer send pictures to it. I've had it for 2 years and it's worked perfectly. When I try to "renew" the frame, it brings me to a screen that says this feature is under development.
  144. Susan

    We've had our frame for 2 years and bought frames for two other family members. I loved the app and loved being able to send photos to our family far away as well as getting photos from them. My app now tells me that my frame has expired and there is NO WAY to renew it. From the looks of it, it takes me to a pay wall that hasn't been completely implemented yet. The description clearly states that there is no subscription or fees. This frame would have a 5 star review if it wasn't for this issue. In my searching it seems that lots of other folks are now having this problem 2 years in.
  145. Tim Schrauger

    Our daughter gave us this frame two Christmases ago, all setup with some photos loaded on, we have it on a shelf in the living room. It’s been so wonderful to see what they’ve been up to, especially in a time where we’re told we shouldn’t be getting together. I plan on purchasing a second frame, keeping the first dedicated to our daughter and her kids, the other for other family photos.
  146. Betty Jo Salmeron

    I purchased one last year for my mother. It worked ok but there seems to be no way to remove photos remotely, only add them. As I can’t visit very often, that isn’t working out well. Worse, despite there supposedly being no subscription or service contract, I am now getting a message saying I the service has expired and I must renew it but the link is to a page that hasn’t been set up yet. Haven’t been able to add any Christmas pics.
  147. Anna Law

    Always looking at my beautiful family
  148. Paula Fisher

    While the product seemed a perfect gift, functionality is NOT as advertised. The email a photo feature does not work and after calling support was told there are about 15 reasons why the email function wouldn’t work . One of the reasons we purchased this gift was so grandchildren all around the world could send pictures to their grandmother/great grandmother via email
  149. Suzan Gayle Awbrey

    It sucks
  150. Larry

    Does the network have to be secure for the unit to connect to it?
  151. Jen

    Never got it to work right, photos never went through right and the app is a mess
  152. Amanda

    I’ve had my frame for about 2 years now, was ordered from Amazon as a Christmas gift. I’m no longer able to add photos due to a message stating that my cloud photo frame service has expired and needs to be renewed, however the renewal page says it is under development and to please wait. I’ve tried resetting my frame with no luck.
  153. Marcia F

    We got one for grandparents for Christmas and everyone else wanted one. We ordered one for each family while we were still there! It was super easy to set up and invite everyone!
  154. Patty

    How do you attach the frame stand and change the mat? The quick start, box, and website have no instructions.
  155. Scott Min

    It is no product specific. It is the dealings of the company. I bought something on Amazon and they sent the wrong item and now I have to pay for shipping to return and I haven't received my return and I am sure they are going to ind something to charge me again. You can't trust a company that doesn't stand behind their shipping deportment. It was a shit show and it is not over. I would not recommend anything from a bunch of scammers.
  156. Casey Alexander

    Why am I getting an error saying that my service has expired and to renew it if I want to continue. Further, why when I click renew” does it tell me this feature is under development Unable to use frame… can provide frame ID upon request.
  157. SSH Team

    Hi Emily, Thanks for your question! The frame needs to be connected to WiFi in order to receive new photos instantly. But if you decided to keep it offline, new photos will load once it is connected again. And of course, you can still view photos that are already on the frame, even when it is offline.
  158. Emily

    Does the frame have to be plugged into wifi all the time, or just to load new photos? We want to get them for our parents, but they don't like to have it connected to wifi at all times. Thanks!
  159. Alfira Gutierrez

    My frame came crashed! I wanted to return it and I sent a email to tech support, but nobody answered. I don't know how to return it and have my money back. Very bad experience
  160. SSH Team

    Hi Sarah, We do sell frames on Amazon and you are welcome to purchase from us there if you prefer. Just note that we are running some promotions here that are exclusive and not available on Amazon! As for the review, it's possible there was some user error. We are always available to help with any difficulties or issues if you need it.
  161. Sarah

    I saw this product on Amazon. Is it the same product? I saw a review on Amazon saying the pictures couldn’t be shuffled but on here it says they can. Just wondering if you sell these frames through Amazon as well. Not sure where is better to order from.
  162. SSH Team

    Hi Bill, Thanks for reaching out! The size listed is the screen size (measured diagonally). So - 8", 10.1" and 14" are the options.
  163. Bill

    What is the actual screen size, measured diagonally, of each of the 3 frame sizes?
  164. SSH Team

    Hi James, You certainly can! That's the best part - sending photos from phone to frame 🙂
  165. SSH Team

    Hi Kittie! Thanks for reaching out. Yes, the frame will need to be connected to the new WiFi since it will no longer be within range of yours. When it is plugged in at the new location, the frame will show a pop-up to connect to WiFi and she will just have to select the correct WiFi name and enter the password. It's quite easy 🙂
  166. SSH Team

    Hi Christina! To view the photos outside the slideshow, a user can go to the frame's Home screen and tap “Frame Photos” and select “Date Sort”. If multiple senders shared photos around the same time, the user can also select a specific sender to filter down as well.
  167. James Brennan

    When the frame is connected to my home wi-fi, can I send photos from my Photos library on my iPhone 8 to the frame?
  168. SSH Team

    Hi Lana, Thanks for your question! Yes!! The frame owner can share their frame ID or email address with as many friends and family members as they like. There is no limit 🙂
  169. SSH Team

    Hi Brianna, The 8" model without the wood frame on it measures 206.5x145x23mm. The screen itself is measured diagonally, like a TV, and so the display is 8". Hope this helps!
  170. SSH Team

    Hi Sue, Thanks for reaching out! The PhotoShare Frame app is required during initial set up of a PhotoShare Frame. The setup process ensures each frame is assigned a unique Frame ID and email address that you can use and share with others to send photos to your frame. We recommend that each frame be set up with the owner's email address so they can control their frame. Please also note, the app is not required to send photos to PhotoShare frames. Users can choose to send photos via email or if they prefer.
  171. Gretchen

    Our brother gave one to each household in the family last Christmas and we all have the app. Sending pics to each other's frames is easy and is such an awesome way to see our loved ones from across the country.
  172. Kittie

    I bought this for my mom, who is far away. I would like to set it up for her at my house. When she gets it at her house will she have to and be able to change the wifi to hers? Easily
  173. Sue

    Do you need to load the app to set up and send pictures? Is setting up an account with an email and creating a PhotoShare account required? I purchased for each of my 3 children and if I have to set up accounts with my email all will be my email. And would that even work with multiple accounts to 1 email?
  174. Brianna

    Hello- what are the outer dimensions of the 8 inch option without the frame? Thank you!
  175. Lana

    Can more than one person/family send pictures?
  176. Christina Guerra

    Hello! My only question is if I send a new photo and they are at work and they get home and they want to see the new photo but don’t want to wait thru the slideshow to see it how can they view it faster?
  177. SSH Team

    Hi Kat, Thanks for submitting your question! No, we DO NOT claim rights to any photos and will not store or use them.
  178. SSH Team

    Hi Scott, Thanks for reaching out! Our PhotoShare frames require a 2.4ghz Wifi source.
  179. Scott

    Will it work with 5G WiFi?
  180. Kat

    Rights and permissions. Does simply smart home and company have the rights to the photos I upload to the frame? Is the company able use my photos?
  181. Lauren

    Bought 2 of these frames for Christmas last year, and both sets of grandparents love seeing new pictures of their grandchildren everyday! It’s super easy to download the app & send pictures to the different frames.
  182. Amanda

    This was a great gift for my Nana who lives far away. She gets to see her great granddaughter doing so many things through pictures. It was easy to teach her how to use it!
  183. Cayla

    The frame is fantastic! Super easy to set up and use, and we love that we can share memories with grandparents and loved ones who don’t live close enough to experience them with us.
  184. SSH Team

    Hi Isabelle Thanks for your question! 8" & 10.1" frames are 720p and 14" frames are 1080p. They all have a crisp, clear look 🙂
  185. Wendy

    It truly was the gift of the year I bought for everyone (15) - family living out of state and grandparents were def very happy.
  186. Isabelle

    What is the screen resolution?
  187. SSH Team

    Hi Steph, Thanks for reaching out! Yes, there are both SD and USB slots on the back of the frame so files can be uploaded or transferred. And yes, photos can be deleted from the frame using the touchscreen, individually or in bulk if needed. Hope this helps!!
  188. Steph

    Can photos others send to the frame be transfered to another device via cable or a flash drive to allow space for new photos? Can photos be deleted directly from the frame using the touchscreen? Thank you!
  189. SSH Team

    Hi Meranda! Yes, the frame needs to be online to receive photos sent by phone. However, there are SD and USB ports if you wish to upload photos manually.
  190. Meranda

    I want to buy this for my grandparents but they do not have internet. Does the frame require internet access to recieve the photos?
  191. SSH Team

    Hi Cyndi, Thanks for your review! Our Support team is reaching out to help you with those issues so you can enjoy your frame to it's full potential 🙂
  192. SSH Team

    Hi Beth! The 10" without the wood frame (just the touchscreen display) measures 10.1" across by 7" tall. The 14" without the wood frame (just the touchscreen display) measures 14.1" across by 9" tall. Also, just want to note, the screen size itself is measured on a diagonal, like TV screens or computer monitors. And just for total clarity here - every PhotoShare frame can be frameless! We designed them so the wood frame comes off. That way, you can change the matte (white or black included) to match your home décor, or you can remove it all and have a more modern tech look 🙂
  193. Debbie

    Bought this initially for my Mom and my brothers and sisters also bought one for their own use. She loves when pictures just show up without her needing to log in or do anything else. Very easy to use and pictures look great.
  194. Beth

    What are the demensions of the frameless 10” and 14”?
  195. Cyndi

    I’m not impressed at this point! It SAYS it holds 8000 photos; however, lately, it will NOT accept ANY new photos!!!!! It also won’t go into “sleep mode…” it just stays on, ALL night long 😳
  196. John

    I bought this for my mom who I don't get to see very often. It's a great way to keep both her and my dad "in the loop" with the fun, family pictures that we send all the time. We don't always wait for a special picture, we just snap a photo from wherever we are, whatever we're doing, and send it to her frame. She LOVES this. My dad does too. It's a quick reminder that we are thinking of them, and that their grand kids love them!
  197. Greenbrook

    We bought the frame for my dad's 85th birthday. He absolutely LOVES it! Everyone in the family can send him photos from their phones through the app which is super easy to use. He's delighted to see pictures of his grandkids everyday! So glad I found you Simply Smart Home!
  198. Emily

    I love this frame! The picture quality is awesome and it even plays video with sound! I customized mine by switching out the matte to the white one so it looks good in my living room. The app makes it so easy to update my frame with the latest pics too so I'm always adding more. My friends have frames too so we share pics back and forth since we don't see each other often. It's just so much fun!!
  199. SSH Team

    Hi, Jim. Thank you for your honest review, and sorry to hear you are having trouble with your frame! Our Support team reached out with some info to help you with the USB transfer and a copy of our Quick Start Guide. If you need anything else, please let us know. We are happy to help!
  200. Katie

    Got this as a gift for my mom for Mothers Day and she loves it. It's a fun way for my sisters and I to surprise her with new photos every day, especially when they are of the grandkids! Easy to set up and the whole family can send photos to her. A picture is truly worth a thousand words!
  201. Shelley

    All I can say is Thank You !! You have been one of the best customer services I have ever worked with. And I love this product.. As a Mother/Grandmother who lives 4 hours away from my kids... it is so much fun to glance over and see new pictures from my family. Thanks again I am up and running with new photos.
  202. Jim

    No instructions. Can't transfer pictures via USB.
  203. Andrea

    This was a gift for my birthday and it was perfect. I can add new photos I take directly from my phone. It’s so easy even this old grandmother can do it. I can literally sit and watch as my memories scroll by and add new ones immediately.
  204. Emma

    I bought one for my parents for Christmas. I loved it so much, I wanted to get one for myself but it's sold out now. Everyone enjoys looking at the pictures. It's very easy to use and navigate through. It's like a Screensaver of pictures. You can email the pictures to thr frame or use the app. Definitely recommend if it ever gets back in stock!
  205. CARA

    Bought one for my wife for Christmas, we liked it so much and was so easy to use, that I bought a second one for my mom for her birthday. Instead of pictures stuck on our phone, we can now share them to the frame and visitors can see them when they come over. Very happy with it. Bought both online and did pick up from store without having to go in and fight crowds.
  206. Happy Shopper

    Simple to use. Setup was simple, sending pics was just as easy for myself and others. Beautiful clear screen shows pictures nice and bright and clear. I'm very pleased and the recipient of the other frame is also enjoying hers! Have already recommended to others as I have it at work and have had lots of comments on how nice it is.
  207. dgogarty5673

    We got one of these from our daughter for Christmas so she could easily share photos of her family and our grandson without having to post on a public site. We are so delighted with this and so impressed, that I purchased one for my mother so all of my 5 siblings can send her private family photos throughout the year for her enjoyment. Highly recommend!
  208. Bestgift

    This was a Xmas gift for my mom & she loves it!! Now she can stay a lil more connected with family & see the great grand babies. This pandemic is hard but getting new pictures make her so happy & it is so easy for family to send anytime. I highly recommend this item.
  209. Debra

    Love this frame. Can send pics from your phone right to it. Others friends can also if you set it up for them. Great for Grandparents who aren’t tech savvy. You can send pics for them to their frame. Update whenever they want. I did have a little internet glitch with mine but just emailed them and they told me what to do. Love it
  210. Wayne

    First review I ever written. The good thing about digital photography is its cheap and easy, the bad is that pictures get lost and never see the light of day. With this frame you just email the pictures as you take them to the frame and like magic they show up. Its the third picture frame we have had and by far the best.
  211. Mountaingirl

    This frame is a great way to get those pictures out of hiding in your phone, tablet or laptop. It was fairly easy to set up. The Photoshare app is easy to use and makes the transfer of pictures really quick. I like it so much that I gave 3 as gifts this year.
  212. celia

    so far so good! glad I basically ignored the reviews that said this didn't work! I imagine they were not very technical savvy? I am gifting the frame to a non tech savvy person so I opened it and updated it and did all the steps so she won't have to. I can jump on the phone with her and talk her through connecting to her wifi. While I was working through the frame and checking it out I knew I made a great purchase for someone not on social media. so far 100% recommend.
  213. Vanessa

    I bought this for my boss and his wife, they are hard to shop for because they do have everything but they 6 kids that live in different states and even out of the country! They dont all do Facebook/Instagram so it was nice to be able to have them use this to share pictures. My boss cried a bit. The picture quality is amazing and its so easy to use! He loves getting the pictures his kids send unexpectedly! Definitely recommend for that hard to shop for person!
  214. sherbent

    This is a great gift! Got it for my mother in law who is 89 years old. She is not technical at all, but we hung it on the wall in her room and gave all the grandkids the link to send her pictures. She is so excited to see all their pictures as they send her new ones randomly. Great way to stay in touch!
  215. Framefan

    This frame is easy to set up, easy to use, and it’s been a fun way for our family to share photos. Once you’ve downloaded the app, all you have to do is touch a photo, touch the frame you’d like to send it to, and poof! Your photo is displayed in the frame. If you help someone set up the frame (maybe grandma/grandpa) they will never have to touch it and can receive new photos. You can also share photos without the app, by using the provided email address for the frame. The frame has an option to set up a time to turn it off and on each day. It can play videos and has sound for them, too. The display is clear and you can adjust the brightness to your liking. It’s fun to keep it in slideshow mode so that the photos display for 10 seconds and move on. You can set it to show only one photo, if you wish. All in all, this is a great way to get those photos out of your phone and into your living room to enjoy! It was a hit Christmas gift to connect members of my family from all over the county. We love it!
  216. MCoop

    A gift for mom. She loves it. We setup and loaded with pictures and videos before mailing to her, and we can EASILY add pictures from 500 miles away!! I love everything about the frame, but note you have to manually select videos to view....unless I just didn't figure out that function. Pictures display on a loop, but during the setup we never figured out how videos would display in that loop. So could be our user-error. Nonethless, the frame is fantastic. Three friends have it as well, which is what prompted us to buy. We love it and mom loves immediately seeing new pics of the grands and great-grands! Worth every penny!
  217. vevajv

    Easy setup , set it where I can see it and they can send me photos to show me the most beautiful pictures of my new great granddaughter and her little accomplishments . And with the SD cards I can see all the pictures I have taken over the years of my grand children and the thousands of other photos I have taken . It was given to me as a Christmas gift this past Christmas and my great granddaughter was born in April. I love the email part that they can send me pictures daily. A great gift.
  218. David R

    I just bought this frame today to display photos of my new grandson and have put it through some of its paces. As a whole setup was not overly hard, though since it involves coordinating the frame with an app (Android in my case) some people might find setup irksome. It is possible to provide extra storage with an SD card or memory stick. However, it would seem that photos on the extra external memory can not automatically go into the screen rotation, which is a bit disappointing--maybe I am wrong about this. I successfully loaded photos from Google Photos, email or my tablet (via the app) and have had no need to link my computer directly to the frame. One slightly annoying thing is that, when a photo is transferred to the frame, a little message appears that does not seem to just go away. Unless I am wrong, there does not seem to be a way to randomize the order of a slideshow. The image quality is good. There are some other little bells and whistles that I do not really care about, e.g. showing videos or displaying the weather. As a whole this is a good deal at BJ's price, and I am considering buying another frame to give to the other set of grandparents.
  219. Mir

    My 75 year old mother in law doesn't text so she never sees the pictures we take on our phones of our daughter unless we come over and specifically sit down and scroll through the hundres of pictures we took. She ABSOLUTELY LOVES this gift. She can switch from scrolling photos to videos. She can see all the digital buttons. And best of all, she said the pictures are easier to see than on our phone! She feels more connected with us. It is a perfect gift for those who don't use smartphones or laptops! Set up took a little bit of grasping the google account set up knowledge but I created an email account for her and set it right up. If purchasing for an elderly relative, either deliver to you and set it up or google the tutorial online and create the account before it arrives to your loved one. You will have to walk them through the "accept" step in order for their frame to reveive your pictures so be sure they can handle this task over the phone with you. Otherwise ship to yourself, then set up and ship to them. TRUST ME. It would be worth it to have it set up for them if they are not technologically capable.
  220. MRZB1

    I received my photo share frame for Christmas and I love it. The kids put all sorts of pictures on it and showed me how to add more. I loved it so much, that I bought 2 more. One for each of my children and their families. I want to surprise them with lots of pictures on them. They are very easy to set up. Loved that too.
  221. Lauren

    I love keeping in touch with family and friends via pictures- exp since one of my kids lives far!! This product allows us to do that! The picture quality is fabulous!! So much better than a cell phone. And I can choose which pictures to keep in my "album" and which to discard. Once set up- it's easy to manage! So I have a great photo album to store memories -always at my fingertips!! I keep the frame on my counter so I enjoy it every day!!